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Metric Calculator iPhone App

Metric Calculator v1.3.3

About Metric Calculator:
A calculator program for iPhone and iPad that converts Metric and U.S. Standard measurements for length, area, volume, fluid, weight, kitchen measurement, time, and temperature.

Can convert the following for Metric Measurement:
* LENGTH: millimeters, centimeters, meters, hectometers, and kilometers.
* AREA: sq. millimeters, sq. centimeters, sq. meters, hectares, and sq. kilometers.
* VOLUME: cubic millimeters, cubic centimeters, cubic meters, cubic hectometers, and cubic kilometers.
* FLUID: milliliters, centiliters, liters, hectoliters, and kiloliters.
* WEIGHT: milligrams, centigrams, grams, hectograms, and kilograms.
* KITCHEN: milliliters, centiliters, deciliters, liters, and decaliters.

Can convert the following for U.S. Measurement:
* LENGTH: inches, feet, yards, and miles.
* AREA: sq. inches, sq. feet, sq. yards, acres, and sq. miles.
* VOLUME: cubic inches, cubic feet, cubic yards, and cubic miles.
* FLUID: fl. ounces, cups, pints, quarts, and gallons.
* WEIGHT: grains, drams, ounces, pounds, and tons.
* KITCHEN: teaspoons, tablespoons, fl. ounces, cups, pints.

* TIME: seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years.
* TEMPERATURE: celsius, delisle, fahrenheit, kelvins, and newtons.

* Calculator Backgrounds: Metal, Copper, Wood, Pink, Blue, Glass, Sand and Weave.
* Simple interface for entering the measurement.
* Copy and Paste.
* Calculates the conversion with a few simple clicks.
* Basic calculator functions, add, subtract, divide, and multiply.
* Memory feature for storing a single result.

New In This Version:
* iOS 5.0 tested and enhanced.

System Requirements:
* An iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iOS 4.0 or higher.